Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crime Scene

I did something sort of dumb, from which it would be nice to learn something. Monday OYLC was hosting a Kona promo event and with it they were showing Lifecycle, which I've seen a little bit of at the shop. I figured that it would be fun to watch the movie and mill about. Beforehand I grilled the fam some nice burgers, but made my first fateful decision and had some wine, good wine, but more wine than I needed to start the evening.

I took in the event and milled about, had had some brews, my second fateful decision, but still not an ominous one. I was close enough to home that it was no big deal. Then I made the fateful one. The bike polo boys were gonna ride over to B'town and hook up with some of the OYLC folks for beers and whatnot. At that point I should have pointed out the time and my previous intake and taken a left, up the hill, straight to home. Instead I followed said ruffians through the park where we ended up first at Cahoots (grimy) and then Papalino's pizza. I had more beer, which I really didn't need.

The night stretched a bit and finally it was time to go home and I was hammered, although I don't remember being too terribly bad off. I got on the Ute and headed down the backstreets to make my way home and at some point I was *not* on a street but face first into somebody's yard. I collected myself badly and made my way home to find that I was bleeding about the face. Stupid ass! I got home to find a nice scratch and a nice cut on my face. Only today did I find that I lost my glasses in the chaos. Yesterday was one of the worst (well-deserved) hangovers ever, probably will a bit of concussion thrown in.

The bike now looks like a crime scene. I wiped some of it off but I found more later. Gross. And Stupid. (The evening did help to get 13m on the day. SCS still going strong although yesterday I didn't ride, east or really move)


Tim said...

Oh, so that's what happened. I hope your face heals soon.

Pondero said...

I hate making decisions for which I should know better.

Apertome said...

Oh shit! I'm glad that you are OK. Could've been worse ...

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