SCS Thursday

L is at Forensics Camp so I have a finite window between drop-off and pick-up and must work within those confines. The best tool to roll a couple hrs worth is the IFCR, so I get my best roadie gear on and head out under near-perfect skies. I don't feel like hammering so I settle into a cadence that feels good and pedal. I could stay in the parks and climb but I feel like spinning so I head towards Indian Hills, dodging some construction on my fav descent on Totem. I quicken the pace a bit on River Rd- flat helps- and then meet more construction coming up Mockingbird Valley. I make sure to wave to the road worker guys; it's always good to make a good impression. My time at the top of MV says that I'm on a decent day, but that there is no hammering taking place. From there it was across Stilz to Lexington where I have to dodge my third emergency vehicle of the day. Construction and accidents? I climb Dog Hill, Hogan's Ft. and Chauffeur's Rest at a reasonable clip and make my way home, spinning and breathing, although I run into more construction along Casselwood. I get home in time to (religiously) document my mileage and leave to pick L up. I'm thankful for the opportunity to do what I have done and hope others can feed the soul- or the heart or legs- this morning.


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