Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mas SCS Thursday

SCS Thursday gets better and better. After his 'forensics camp', L wants to ride his bike down to the pool and learn how to lock 'er up, which I do willingly. I then ride to the hardware store for some new keys and then to Mom's to fix her front flat and shoot the breeze. On the way home I run into Ian from SoupbyCycle . We ride together back towards his kitchen and chat bikes, soups, and a special coming soup attraction. I then come home via Seneca Gardens. Success at every level.

THEN this evening mom/wife is off cenando with the girls so L and I undertake ANOTHER 2-wheel trip to eat supper. After much mulling we decide on ZA's Pizza and do our 4m there-n-back with a side trip for small cones at Graeters.

8 really pleasant miles of transpo riding on the Ute in addition to the 22m this morning on the IFCR. Damn success, I'd say!

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Pondero said...

Oh man, the miles just keep adding up.

I drove over 650 miles in the last two days, but for some reason, I'm not as please with my performance.

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