Mas SCS Thursday

SCS Thursday gets better and better. After his 'forensics camp', L wants to ride his bike down to the pool and learn how to lock 'er up, which I do willingly. I then ride to the hardware store for some new keys and then to Mom's to fix her front flat and shoot the breeze. On the way home I run into Ian from SoupbyCycle . We ride together back towards his kitchen and chat bikes, soups, and a special coming soup attraction. I then come home via Seneca Gardens. Success at every level.

THEN this evening mom/wife is off cenando with the girls so L and I undertake ANOTHER 2-wheel trip to eat supper. After much mulling we decide on ZA's Pizza and do our 4m there-n-back with a side trip for small cones at Graeters.

8 really pleasant miles of transpo riding on the Ute in addition to the 22m this morning on the IFCR. Damn success, I'd say!


Pondero said…
Oh man, the miles just keep adding up.

I drove over 650 miles in the last two days, but for some reason, I'm not as please with my performance.

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