SCS Thursday

I went mountainbiking today, although I would prefer to call it trail riding given our lack of mountains here in the 'Ville. After a little afternoon nap I jumped out and did a late-afternoon thing, taking in Seneca first and then Cherokee on the 29er. I will always contend that our local trails are better suited to 26" riding with their twisty turns, but I also made full use of the Lefty shock to power through some rocks and such. My only complaint is that KYMBA (I assume) put some massive logs across the trails at Seneca Golf Course; I can't imagine clearing those anytime soon.

I had more fun in Cherokee and I loosened up and dialed in the flow. There were some sections that were downright fun even as I was tiring. Overall I put in 1.45hr and returned home uninjured. For me that's a great mtbike ride.


Anonymous said…
Those log 'features' were not put in by KyMBA, but will be removed by KyMBA volunteers.
DerrickP said…
"Uninjured" is always a win for me on the trails. I, seriously, fall in the first ten minutes of every mountain bike ride. I think I have to set my limits in the beginning of the ride to know how wild I can push it :)
Apertome said…
Sounds like a blast! My last mountain bike ride left me reeling with how much fun I had, then wincing when I realized my spoke was broken and wouldn't be fixed soon. Gotta get back out there sometime, though.
Tex69 said…
Those 'features' are huge. Do you know which ones I'm talking about? Up the Seneca golf side? I'm sure many in our 'Big Air' community can clear them, but not me. The parks, BTW, are in great shape and a lot of fun to ride. Thanks KYMBA.

And DerrickP and Apertome, keep riding (with repaired spokes)!!!!
Anonymous said…
There were 2 unapproved 'features' put in on the road side of the golf course loop that have been removed already. They weren't sustainable and one wasn't even safe for good riders.

If you're talking about the 2 that are in the back down at the lowest point, those have been there for a long time and are there to help prevent erosion plus be technical features. I can make one, not the other but I know many people can make both.

It makes things fun like they should be, but not something to complain about IMO. It should give you something to strive to be able to clear.
Anonymous said…
Unless you're talking about the tree that fell and was impossible to get over because it was 3-4' tall. That has been removed by Metro Parks from what I've read on kymba's forum.

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