SCS Wednesday

After Tuesday's hot gravel march, I needed to dial things back down a bit, but I still wanted miles and so ended up on the bike twice Wednesday. First, on the Ute, I had to run over to Bellarmine U. to process some paperwork for L's "Detective Camp". Sounds like fun for him.

Later in the afternoon I went out for a ride on the IF. Doing training rides in the parks is not something I'm always enamored of, but on Wed it fit just fine. I pushed the pace for the first hour and then let off the gas a bit, but still averaged 16mph over the course of 26m.

I'm trying to get my eating in order, using my SCS as motivation to get some weight off as well as to enjoy myself thoroughly on two wheels. I have not lost any weight this week somehow with the mileage I've done but patience is a virtue.


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