ol' Apertome just did a nice pictorial review of his commute. My commute is usually quite dark in the a.m., so pics aren't so easy to take. I have no excuse for the afternoon; I'm just tired.

Today I upped the ante on the commute, especially in the afternoon when for the majority of the time I felt pretty frisky. I'm pretty sure I had a tailwind pushing me along, but I took advantage and took a low position on the Loop bar and pushed the big ring. I felt good all the way to the uphill drag on Grinstead where I slowed a bit. I rallied afterwards in Seneca but on the far end of Cherokee I blew on golf course hill and crawled in from there. Of my 1.03 afternoon commute, I pushed a good pace until about minute 37 when I turned the gas down a bit.

I'm promising to do a review of the Jones Loop Bar in the near future. It's a keeper. I'd also like to do something with the Garmin Edge500, understanding that I'm not techno-geek enough to do a full in-depth. Maybe a review from a layman is worth something. Point is, both of these cycling products are fulfilling their purpose and then some these days. The LHT is downright fun right now, almost like riding a new bike.

We have below my morning and then my afternoon commute. One complaint is that the Edge500, after a long rest, wants to "save" a previous trip and start a new one, thereby dividing my commute into 2 distinct rides when I consider it one loop. Perhaps there's a fix to that. I know these little plug-ins aren't of great interest, but I like maps, and these are certainly my maps, made with my own legs.


David Crowell said…
That looks like a healthy commute. :)
Apertome said…
Sounds like a nice, extra-long commute. I like the maps -- you should keep including them. There's probably a setting for the GPS to keep it one track, but I don't know. Or, you may be able to merge tracks when you import them. That's actually what I do, with my GPS.

You should at least post a photo of the Jones bar on the LHT. I'd like to see how it looks. Also, I'll be curious how you do with it on longer rides.

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