Crater Lake

Crater Lake is sort of interesting in that there isn't that much to do and it's in the middle of nowhere, but it's such a spectacle that it's worth the 1hr drive up and down, even for short visit.  The pics came back even more spectacular than I remember, and that has nothing to do with the photographer. It's truly one of a kind. And it really is that blue. Incredible.
Diamond Peak from the roadside

waves of pine tree pollen

yellow, tan, green, orange, blue

bluer than blue

falls on the lake road. also a very effective mosquito nursery

I know it's not overly apparent, but there is a bald eagle in this pic. Seek and find.

The same bald eagle can be found in this pic. Seek and find.

The drive coming off the mountain from Crater Lake was a real treat. The entire time I thought of how cool it would be on a bike due to its flow and blend of turns and grade while *not* being too gnarly.  Towards the bottom we happened upon this portion of the Upper Rogue River Gorge, which was serviced by a small viewing park. It made for a nice and scenic 20min break (even though the elder slept through it; he refused to wake up)


Jon said…
I loved Crater Lake, when I visited, years ago. I want to go back and spend the day riding a bike around the rim, some day.
Tex69 said…
Agree Jon. Wonder how the altitude would affect me. You, of course, live it every day.
Apertome said…
Damn ... this is just shockingly beautiful. Envy.

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