Bicycle lethargy is pulling at me a bit. After while dazzled and inspired on our West Coast junket, I find myself back in Louisville in a "between time". I'm transitioning the Summer Cycling Season, which really only lasted June and the first week of July culminating in the first Populaire. After that vacation plans took over and now I'm looking to the start of the school commuting (and Fall school sports) season and my interest has been mired a bit.

Today I did an easy 5m visiting Quills on the LHT to have coffee with Lithodale and his brood. Later I dragged myself- and Dave- out for some JRA. We did the IH/RR loop (that's my new symbolgy for Indian Hills/River Road) before Dave peeled off. I entered the park and did a couple hills before rolling home.

Tomorrow I commute on the LHT. SCS is finished and the new year commences.


Pondero said…
Lethargy was absolutely the word for July around the north Texas prairie, and it is trying to linger. But we're gonna push through this heat and anticipate cooler air...any month now.

Congrats on what appears to have been a successful SCS.
Apertome said…
Well, at least we've got another ride planned, to look forward to. School has definitely put a damper on my riding, even a bit this summer, despite the fact that I'm out of school temporarily. For me, school starts back up August 29. I ought to plan as much riding as possible, between now and then, I suppose!
Tex69 said…
@Apertome, now I see the impetus to sneak that century in sometime in August. And I'm sure once school starts my weekends are less paper-intensive than yours. I rarely grade during the weekend. I try to pack it in during the work week.

@Pondero- after a brief glimpse of a temperate summer and Louisville heat, I honestly can't imagine significant mileage in the TX heat. chapeau!

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