Lithodale has the drive and insanity to get up, I guess, one day a week at 4.15 to go ride a couple really hard hours before work with a group of like-minded Type Aers. A friend, David (not Dave), does the same, riding 40m in 2 hrs with his slightly older group of Type Aers. Do the math.

This morning I also did the same. I can't ride to work due to parent taxi, so I got up at 4.10 and just got back from a 16m ride. I felt a little tight and a bit crooked in the saddle, so no hammering for me. Instead of groveling in the gutter I enjoyed Orion rising just below a plump crescent moon while the Pleiades hung from on high. I need to move the light angle up just a bit on the BR. The bike is great. I didn't feel great but the ride was awfully nice.

Hope I can stay awake this afternoon.


Apertome said…
Man, that's incredibly early. Great idea, if you can handle getting up so early.

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