C'dale set-up

After our brief, fun ride out at Waverly last weekend I'm sort of jazzed about forays on the mountain bike. It's Fall, don't you think, the catalyst to escape the summer bugs and excessive growth and to carve warm-hued leaves and dry trails? Sunday I'm going up to Brown Country to carve what everyone says are some of the best trails *anywhere* locally and some of the best in the East, and I hope that my bike helps me to do that. I put it in the shop earlier in the week to spruce it up a bit: brake check, new chain, extra pressure in the Lefty fork. At home I took off the large Banjo bag that had been on there for winter riding and replaced it with an older smaller bullet bag for tube and small tool. I removed the pedals as well. I have some on-loan XTR pedals I'm going with instead of the silver M424s. I also put a Garmin e500 mount for data pleasure. The boys will take care of the directions on this one. No pics yet, but some to come for/from tomorrow. Weather is meh!, but I don't think it'll stop us.


Apertome said…
Fall is my favorite season and mountain biking is especially great. Can't wait! Gonna go work on my bike a little bit.

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