First commute in a while (records show first in last couple weeks!). This morning I couldn't imagine going any slower. After seeing my present weight on the scale I rode in depressed, morose and general blah. This afternoon I had to play crosscountry taxi a bit later so I had a finite window to make haste on the ride home.. I punched it as much as I could on the LHT, giving myself two hills to climb (Illinois Ave. and Valley Vista). I maintained a good pace until I ran into L who was walking home from the bus stop and we chatted a bit before finish. It turned out to be an average day, pretty slow in the am, but peppy in the pm. Bag it. I'll take it. An (interesting) aside, I wore the HRM this afternoon to monitor my efforts. It's interesting that you can be in breathing and leg difficulty but your HR rolls along at a moderate rate. I slowly begin to understand why the Tour guys have to ride tempo for an hour so their hearts are actually ready to work enough. My average was pretty suppressed for much of the ride, but it was only 27min worth. And I punched it, especially on the Illinois Ave. hill but my HR got nowhere close to the rates seen while 'crossing. I know you readers *really* don't care about my HR stuff. I'm not sure I do either, but again I do. I've got a goofy heart and I think it pay to pay a little attention to it.


Chris said…
Funny - I am pretty much the opposite to you in terms of riding. I KILL it in the morning, but sometimes by the end of the day, I don't even have the energy to ride home. Luckily though, I've got a folding bike, so it's easy for me to take it home on the bus, and then ride in again in the morning.

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