I've been struck with a dash of lazy on this excellent weekend, but coffee and egg products motivated me enough to get out of the house this morning. I eventually met Dave at Highlands Coffee, a shop I don't visit as much as others, but one that does probably have the best selection of goodies in the city. After some breakfast, we ventured for some JRA. Sorry, LithoDale, no training or HRM today. We just rode around, me on the Quickbeam- DAMN, that's a nice ride, especially on a lazy Sunday morning- and Dave on a BigDummy he's borrowing/test-riding. It's a cool rig and I hope Dave can work a deal b/c that bike is right up Dave's alley. I also give thanks for having both the good fortune and good taste to assemble such a nice stable of bikes. At present I have several bikes that provide a spectacular ride for their given purposes. Today it was the QB. On Friday, the Bleriot. And on. And on. I'm very lucky, and descending out of CherokeePk this morning on the smooth-as-silk QB that realization of good fortune came to me. I'm lucky, for that and in so many other ways.


Pondero said…
I almost commented that the QB hasn't been mentioned in awhile. Well, now it has. Now its time for a photo. We like to see the QB occasionally.
Nothing motivates a man more than a good dose of Quiche in the morning.

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