• First commute (16m) for a while yesterday. It's turned cool since I last commuted, but I stuck my hand in and found something warm to wear. Somehow I managed to hit a head wind while riding all four cardinal directions. Go figure.
  • Two miles this morning to Breadworks for a cup and some scones for the crew. Mellow, brisk start to a beautiful day.
  • Met Dave and we took a road ride to get the legs moving. He didn't feel great, so we kept it flattish and at a moderate to easy tempo. Every now and then I goosed it just for fun, but we have big plans for tomorrow, so moderation was the key today.
  • Today's was the first time in a LONG one for the IF. I never blogged about it, but I had some crazy bottom-bracket issues a few weeks ago pertaining to water. Seems that the IF didn't come with a BB shell drain hole. Odd. OYLC took care of the BB and drain hole issue and today it rode 'like butta'. Today's was also the first ride on some Challenge Paris-Roubigi 27s. As some may have noticed, I'm not too good at doing reviews. In fact, I never did a full pictorial IF redux. The word on the street was that the PR's were/are soft, smooth, and flat-prone. Today, no flats and an amazing ride. More to come.
  • Tomorrow we have 55m of road and gravel to explore in Henry and Owen Co. The skies will be completely clear and sunny with leaves changing, so it should/could be a great day. Get out there!!



Pondero said…
Interesting update, looking forward to the next report.

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