el Peso

I'm struggling with weight again. Again. It's been right at one year since my last batch of heart/health episodes and since then I've lost 20lbs and gained exactly the same 20lbs back, within a half  pound. I'm the perfect example of the classic American yo-yo, right?!?! I'm not going to beat myself up though; time has shown that such thinking only makes things worse.

So, where to? Back to basics. Using MyPlate. Weighing every day. Putting down the junk food!!!! Sometimes I think, "what's the right plan? how do I do this?". No, that's scurrilous thinking. Eat moderately. Eat fruits and veggies. Eat salads. Don't eat cookies, ice cream, and snack crackers if at all possible. Minimize the booze. Take a dose of Dr. Oz below. Middle Path. Moderation.

**Cut out Soda
**Don't eat after 8.00 p.m. (or 3 hours before bedtime)
**Move 10min a day
**Don't eat snacks larger than your fist
**Track your weight every day

I was looking at my weight graph from this past summer, having weighed myself sparingly. What jumped out was the 5lb weight gain in June while having my highest mileage month every. Sorry LD, no ectomorphic body here. Probably the best kind of cycling for me is 1hr a day with no big mileage days. They make me eat too much.

But we'll try to throw some longer cycling in there. Life has to provide some treats, right?


Apertome said…
Bummer. I haven't weighed myself for a while, but I know I haven't been on top of things. Stress makes it harder, I think, and I've definitely had some of that. I hope you are able to make some progress.

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