We'll be doing some of this today, 55 miles out of Holland, IN with much of the route gravel. And the weather has turned interesting for us. Right now Holland is listed as 19F. The forecast forced me yesterday to mount some gaudy flat pedals onto the Crosscheck a la true winter riding. Otherwise I'm intrigued whether/how the CC will meet terrain demands today. It's certainly faster and/or more comfy than the C'dale over that kind of distance, but we may hit heavy conditions and we certainly will have 3500ft of climbing. If it's *heavy* climbing, I may be missing my ol' gravel grinder. It will also be maiden voyage of the 40c Kenda Happy Mediums.

 Report to come.



Pondero said…
I think the Cross Check with those tires looks like a great solution. I'm looking forward to hearing how that worked for you.

19F? I don't think I have the right gear to dress for that...which is obviously more critical than tire choice.
Apertome said…
It sounds like the ride was cut short ... I hope you're feeling better. I'll be curious to hear how the tires fared.
My winter tires are the limit for my bike. Every once in a while the front tire is scraping the fender and I have to reach down and adjust the fender a little. Isn't winter grand?

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