Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I miss mileage. I miss being a bit of a mileage "whore" like in October and especially November. I want to do centuries and all-day gravel rides and such, but right now I'm just trying to get back into that Marmot jacket from last winter when there were 15 or so lbs less of me. I publicly thank the teenager for pushing me out the door. I almost sat upstairs with a snack or a cold, refreshing one, but he reminded me that it was January and nice outside- sunny, clear and 50F. I went out the door and did 32 minutes of mostly jogging with a bit of walking just to lower the HR. I can't deny. Walk/Jogging is easier to fit in under a time crunch: choose less elaborate clothing, choose less elaborate shoes, walk out door. That's it. Today was my 11th day in a row of some kind of activity, all save one of at least 30min or more. Of those there have been 4 days of jog/walk, 3 days of the bike and 3 days of straight walking. That's a nice balance. It's a good start to reacquaint myself with that jacket.


Jon said...

I wish I still had the knees for running. It is undeniably easier to get significant exercise in a shorter amount of time than on the bike.

LvilleTex said...

@Jon, I'm only making the effort once every three days or so for that exact reason. My goal is to be able to "easily" do 10 miles a week or so. Pure maintenance but no damage.

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