That was December

As whined about, December was a rough month. Yesterday, PJ, Asher and I met at Heine's Chenoweth for a spirit 30-miler to finish the year out. Everyone was timely and we set down a frisky pace, one I hoped I would be able to maintain for the 30m/2hrs. Descending Lime Kiln Ln. I heard a "thunk" and knew right away that a spoke had failed me. I was disappointed to break a spoke on the fancy wheels after only 850 miles, but those are the breaks. I went by the shop on the way home and got it fixed. I sent PJ and Asher on to finish their mileage and I headed back to Heine's via River Rd. and Indian Hills. I was sort of surprised until now to see that I averaged 16.5mph even after backing off due to the spoke incident and easing up Indian Hills. Makes me remiss that I didn't get a chance to put the hammer down for longer with the guys. Sea lo que sea.


bikeolounger said…
I keep hearing about the trouble some folks are having with their wheels. I loathe machine-built wheels, although they are getting better than the norm of twenty years ago. You have, of course, heard that I build wheels, and that my wheels seem to hold up well.
Tex69 said…
Thanks for the word, Tom. Might have to contact you.
Pondero said…
Well then. You had just enough of a sniff of the speedy stuff to whet the appetite. Now you're hungry for more. That's the way to start the year. Make it a good one.

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