Excuse me!!

The morning presented numerous parent taxi opportunities, so when the schedule opened for a bit of 2 wheels in the afternoon I jumped at it. The plan ensued to ride to L's soccer game and then home, giving me a neo-commute/road ride. I chose the QB so I could wear more "normal" clothes- if dressing like a RBW fop is normal- and the QB has been a bit neglected. Given yesterday's storms, it was still windy and I marshaled through to the indoor soccer center. Nothing to report save a big peloton of young roadies with their dads or "team directors" training in Cherokee/Seneca. I'm sure I could've taken them if on the fancy bike, but alas. Limited by one gear.

 L's team won the game and afterward I chatted with a dad I know  and then helmeted up for the return where I experienced a bit of a shock. Exiting the facility I was turning right as a black SUV was turning in. I assume not seeing me because she was on her phone while eating french fries, she cut the corner and I found myself rather close to a large moving vehicle, quite unexpectedly. I cornered hard and laid the QB down to a tight angle to avoid the big black thing, and mid-turn, heard the "ping" of a spoke having suffered a black fate. A near wreck and a mechanical in the same 3sec. Pretty cool! Pay attention Dumbass!

 I was fine and rode the rest of the way home with a very wobbly wheel, so much that it was rubbing the VO mudguards. I don't like them, the VO mudguards. They're move around and rub things and I don't like them. While faced with wobbles and shitty fenders, I also encountered nice late afternoon skies. That's worth something.
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Pondero said…
Quite a contrast between that oblivious big black box, and those heavenly late afternoon skies. I'm happy to hear to avoided the former to experience the later.

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