Urban Hike

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(Funny, I just looked at my post and I linked the map to a grandiose "Hike the Watterson" idea instead of my 2.3m short hike)

* * * We received almost 4" of snow last night, but it was so warm it melted right off the streets, so an early 4.40am rise meant nothing more than a long day. On Mondays I usually ride during L's soccer practice, but this time I threw on some boots and took a walk, which pleasantly turned into an urban hike of sorts. I took the trail behind Thurman Hutchins Park (on the map as Twin Park). I was fun to see the deer track left in the mud and plow throw the melted, wet snow. At the eastern end I turned left and decided to investigate whether I could return via the powerline cut. At first while following some local deer tracks my efforts failed me, but as I turned up towards Louisville CC I saw a road venturing to the right in my desired direction and I took it, right past the downed gate. I felt a little better due to the 2nd set of boot prints which fell earlier in the day. From there it was a straightforward trespassing ramble down the road, made much more interesting by the contour of the cliff wall to the right. I imagined scuttling along the top of the cliff peering into the great estates that line the top of the cliff, or even climbing to and fro into the many cavities of the cliff face. It wetted my whistle enough for a return- an illegal one I presume- to inspect the various crags and crannies. Back towards the western end not terrible far from my starting point I saw 5 deer leap away from the open field back into the safety of the woods. They were just 100yds from the interstate, and I'm sure oblivious to the damage they might inflict. It was a nice 45min stroll, and one I would do again in a heartbeat, seemingly immersed in the wild all the while a skip and a jump from an interstate. It reminded me in a wee way of Alastair Humphrey's circumnavigation of the M25 around London, a microadventure. A Watterson Expressway loop would be comparably foolish, but perhaps enlightening to boot.


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