Mas miles

Z had soccer practice this evening, and my match got rained out, so I was able to 1)take him and 2)ride during it. L's practice, which was on Mondays, is now over, so no simple, obvious 1hr efforts like mine and Dave's in the Fall. I leave from a different location farther east. I ended up plying some of the same roads, but coming from the east (duh, redundant) and not venturing downtown. It was quite windy from the SW, so the out was a bit challenging and the turn was too. Well, actually it was all pretty windy. At the tail end I explored some roads around the neighborhood and found a reasonable route, one I can exploit in future rides. It will be pretty easy to do a standard 20m training route, at least for when I don't have matches.


Pondero said…
Wind is definitely the word lately.

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