After much bitching, sitting and taxiing this weekend, the fam went for pizza and I went for 1.5hr of riding on the fancy bike. The HR numbers suggest that I rode pretty hard, which I did, although my avg speed was meh. It's quite warm (70Fish) with a blustery wind coming from the south, so my impressive legs deserted me on the return when I turned back into the wind.

The IF was very sweet today. I felt super-comfy and sprightly throug the course of the ride and am glad I chose to do a road ride on the shiny thing instead of a mtbike ride as I was originally considering. The week is supposed to maintain such warm temps, but I have matches M, T and Th, so riding will be slim to none. Oh well, I got out there today, and I hope you did too!


Pondero said…
Good to hear. I did 1.5 hours yesterday myself. No post, and no photos. I didn't want to stop. I just pushed the bike out the door and rolled. There's a place for that too, I guess.
Apertome said…
Awesome. I haven't done this yet but I have had similar thoughts. My road bike is in the shop getting a tuneup right now. Getting on the fast bike will be a good motivator. Can't wait for our gravel ride Sunday, either!
Doug said…
Good for you for getting out. I didn't. Laid up with a stomach bug that's been racing through everybody at work.
We have been riding more and more as the weather improves. The town is putting the tennis nets up next week. Things are looking up.
Tex69 said…
@Doug "bugo de estomago"=no funno.

@Apertome, looking forward to Sunday. fo' real. It's been forever!

@MR, tennis nets, they don't take them down around here. They've moved our season a bit so we're playing matches in early March. This yr it's worked out, but I rue the upcoming yrs with matches in the low 30s.

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