Whatever that April Challenge thing is, I'm doing it. I feel like crap. I haven't exercised in 2 weeks and have been eating uncontrollably of late, especially since my 12-hr tennis days have started. Heartburn. Tight pants. Afib. Bleh! The boys met and put in 30+ this afternoon. I balked out of laziness and ended up doing 8m in the neighborhood in the dark (SON-assisted, of course). I certainly won't be doing 30m/day, but I'm going to get on the bike every day, somehow.


Pondero said…
Awesome. I want to have your resolution. I'm traveling all week, and am not sure it's practical, but I'm taking the bike and am going to give it a try.
Apertome said…
Excellent. I'm not doing the 30 days thing, but I too have a newfound motivation. Hope it sticks!

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