Don't know what the rest of the day will hold, but under perfect skies again- albeit a little cooler and with a strong headwind coming from NW- the L-man and I ran some errands on 2 wheels. His phone has been on the fritz, so we wheeled to the Sprint store for a bit of failed triage; he ended up moving his number onto my old PalmPre for the time being. We walked next door for a coffee and brownie at Heine's next and soaked in some more rays. After that we took a mixture of sidewalks and the outside lane of B'town down to Kroger for some basic sundries (and Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA. Love that stuff!) and now home to see what else we can get into this afternoon.

Day 10, again not bad. I think I'll take 6m with L over a macho hundy most times. Good stuff there.


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