#11 100K Hundy

So far the 30DaysofBiking as consisted of many small rides, some of them great in the company of the 2nd son. Really enjoyed them! Today, however, was different. Timothy talked me into doing some actual mileage. I chose the IF and we left early to avoid some traffic. Our path took us from Slugger Field into New Albany, where we stopped for a cup and scone to get our motors running. The run out 111 towards the casino was *hot*, with the 5m lap avg at 20mph, which is absurd for me personally. Shortly I felt the payback.

 We climbed Blunk Knob first and I felt the sting of lack of mileage and of the IF, which is a wonderful bike unless I'm fat and out of shape. I ground up the hill but had to take a 30sec breather about 2/3 of the way up, during which Timothy passed me. At the top we decided to continue our route in lieu of cutting things short, a great decision except for when I had to walk significant portions of Doolittle Hill. It wasn't so much that I could turn the pedals but that my back was seizing up at a whiff. Agony. Once at the top we headed northeast right into a robust headwind. Tough. Timothy was an excellent companion; he could've left me at mostly any time but played the good partner instead.

We stopped in Lanesville for a snack and hit the rollers to and along Corydon Ridge. Somewhere in here I slowed down and started to suffer. It was my first long ride since '11 and I was out of practice eating and drinking, much less not having the legs to get rolling. We dived down Corydon Pike hill where at the bottom I talked Timothy out of Camp St. I had achieved around 45mph down that hill at some point. I couldn't image going up it given that my quads were cramping at the bottom of the hill. We took it easy through New Albany and finally caught a tailwind across the bridge.

 We stopped for lunch at Against the Grain at the baseball park. Fighting sun and cloud-induced shade we had sandwiches and beverages before splitting up for our respective rides home. I stopped by OYLC to show the boys that I, in fact, *do* ride my fancy bike before crawling home in need of a lavatory and of simply stopping. Tired. But really glad I made #11 a memorable one.


Pondero said…
Welcome to the 2012 cycling season. Something to build on.

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