At one time I had aspirations of a double ride today, this morning with a commute, errand ride and then a "real" ride later in the afternoon. Life caught up and my 8m ride this morning became day seven on the road. 

It was glorious.

Mid-50s faced me as I "Ute'd" to Breadworks for family scones, and then to Quills for my fav half-caff au'lait. I ran into Drew of OYLC fame and he happened to pick up the coffee tab. Mighty good of him. After a drink and a savory ham and cheese scone and headed to OYLC to shoot the breeze and eventually pick up a QB wheel which Drew had just updated with a new spoke (broken when some soccer mom almost took me out while exiting MVSC a while back). Had a good gab with Jimmy of previous FuckGas.org fame (he let it lapse. good for him!). Being a sucker, I ended up picking up an inexpensive Pro-tec helmet, color orange to match the Ute and because I like bike stuff in orange. Molteni, you know, if you do know. Cheap and pretty comfy. That works.

I picked up the wheel and headed home for more glorious easy stroll miles. Glorious, really. Once soccer finished (5-2 win, and le Dauphin played quite well, if you ask me) I set about mowing the yard for the first time this year and took the opportunity to pound it with some nasty chemicals as well. Our yard mostly looks like crap because I have a real issue with lawn chemicals, but this must be an even year, so I pounded it.

Tonight we feast on some serious dead cow, and I couldn't be more excited. Spring Break damnit!! Meat, Bike and Wine!!


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