Camping List

Plenty of other people have done this, but I'm going to do so myself for my own purposes. Following is a bike camping list a couple upcoming trips, so a  3-night mini-tour in early June, and later perhaps an overnight in southern KY. So:

  • tent- AlpsMountaineering much like their present Mystique1. (needs a tent floor. someone suggested painters drop)
  • bag- MountainHardware 45F- a little lightweight, but I don't do too cold.
  • pad- BigAgnes IronMt. mummy pad- bought on sale and with dividend from REI. Hope it works. If not, I'm out $6.
  • pad- older, more useless Thermarest Zlite. I'm sure this is great for a lightweight, but a heavyweight like myself I need mucho mas.
  • new Thermarest pillow
I think that takes care of basic shelter. Now prep/food:

  • Esbit fueltab stove- for coffee, extra food prep as needed.
  • Trangia mini- New alcohol burning stove- going to use it for meals. Not here yet, but lightweight and burns any and all kinds of fun stuff. Nice too b/c it comes with pot.
  • REI cookpot+spork.
  • One and maybe two Nalgenes. Actually I have one standard 64oz and a 32oz bottle that I found. That and 
  • ???Don't have camp?? maybe use my KleenKanteen insulated bottle. It doesn't fit too well in a cage, but  I might just make it happen in lieu of spending more goofy $$.
  • Some MountainHouse meals for the evening. Some ClifBars and the like for the road. Oatmeal. After that it's some fruit to keep things rolling. 
Bike stuff. Hey! We all know what bike stuff to take, in  general. Extras for a 3-day include extra tubes, ?an extra tire?, semi-full tool kit, extra flashies, a couple extra grocery bags for protecting saddle.

What else? Time to steadily get things together.


dave said…
I thought thermarest sleeping pads were the best thing in the world until I got my big agnes mattress. I'll sleep for 7 hours straight on that baby. Haven't used the thermarest since.
Pondero said…
Thanks for the list. I always like to compare and learn. You didn't mention clothes, any favorite items?
Camp Stoves said…
Nice information about Camping Thanks!!

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