Friday, May 25, 2012


  • The end is near. School lets out next Wednesday, and I'm in through Thursday. SummerCyclingSeason beckons.
  • After driving Wednesday to take back the final tennis crap, I managed to commute the past two days, today doing 25 with a westward loop thrown in during the afternoon. Today was actually somewhat unique b/c I convinced Dave to meet me for morning coffee before school, a good 2hrs earlier than I think he gets out to work. Thanks Dave! It was a very mellow, pleasant way to start the day.
  • My afternoon route presented me a nice route- a little warm- but eventually I stopped by OYLC for some shop talk. A bookended commute day with coffee in the am and shop hydration in the pm.
  • I just got done grilling and eating some italian sausages, peppers and pasta, along with a nice mellow Chard. Damn nice Friday!
  • Bike tour coming up. Guess I need to post about that in some capacity. This weekend will be for finalizing gps routes and acquiring goods- mostly camp food to prep. As I understand, we'll be heading to the mother-in-law's on Thursday evening, so packing will have to happen before, not after. 

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