Not much has happened. More things are about to happen. Tennis is over after a very good season, but now we're going to try and transition into summer cycling/adventure season. I have some plans cooking but don't really want to divulge until closer to time. I know, Lame, but if I don't have pics, reviews or hard plans, screw it.  The bloggage here is certainly not up to 'Vik Standards' (he's so fly you can't even grab the specific post, 5/8/12), but we all can't be Vik. Of course, he can't be me either. I don't see him dragging offpsring to soccer practice.

I had opportunity for my first commute in ages (best as I can tell, the first work commute since early March)- 15.4 miles on the Ute, clement morning, afternoon filled with bizarre sunny skies intermingled with spitting rain and localized deluges in the park, but not on me, just right before me. Weird. Nice to be out, though, and we're out of school tomorrow for election day. Score!


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