Casey Co. MT

This past Monday I had to drive the teenager down to camp for the week. As I've done in the past, I used it for an excuse to get out on some country roads, some of them textured. And as in the past, the short steep climbs of the area kicked my butt. I'm in terrible shape right now.

A few miles into my route I took an early, wrong turn and had to re-route on the fly. I ended up hitting a new gravel section, but the re-route cut my northern leg short, missing a different batch of texture. I took the Crossheck thinking, but actually I wasn't thinking. Not enough gears. Or not enough legs.

I'm done. Pics tell the story.

All my FB friends tell me it's a boa constrictor.

Blackberries. Not quite.

Clear Branch Rd.

Clear Branch Rd.

Sign self evident, as is building.

Nice flow

Mas flow

Best guess is that this is Green River Knob on the Casey/Pulaksi border

Down Schoolhouse hill. I walked. Fact is it was so steep I couldn't get enough purchase on the Crosscheck to descend comfortably. I was wishing that I was on the Troll b/c I would have flow down.

After my interlude on Schoolhouse Rd. I re-routed again to head generally back onto course, using what was either Jonathan Fork Rd. to work my way east. That was a great rolling run snug up to a hillside providing some shade and some rollers to keep interest. Towards the end, though, I hit the climb out of the creek valley and didn't get far. By the top of that road I was pretty much finished for the day. I found a road that would get me back to my starting point. I did 26m on the day. I felt like crap. And I found the wonderful Shoolhouse Rd. (and Clear Branch again). Not a bad outing.

Walking path up Jonathan Fork. Steep and walkable.


Pondero said…
Aside from the butt-kicking "super steep" stuff, that appears to be a fantastic route. Maybe the Troll next time, eh?

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