Been riding and walking. The HEAT is on now, so we'll see how to work in and around that. Yesterday I got antsy after the Germany/Italy game, so I jumped on the Troll and headed west in the 102F heat, probably my hottest bike ride every, or at least I can remember. I'm usually hit-n-miss on water consumption, but I sucked down 3 bottles in 30 miles and my eyes dried out. Strange. On the return I picked up Dave at Quill's and we did a loop through the park into St. Matthews and back to complete the total.

Wednesday, again antsy in the p.m. I jumped on the Troll and headed down to the river to take a look at the MTB Short Track Series, basically races on the 'cross course but on required mtbikes. As I stated to Dave yesterday, I can completely appreciate have *already* achieved the necessary fitness to be able to race. Whether I want to put in the effort to get to that point, I'm not sure. It was fun, though, and I got some good pics of Lithodale, BenK and MichaelS. I also ran into Derek from OYLC and a neighbor whose grandkids were involved somehow.

I'm within 50m of topping 600 for the month and I have 2 days to do it. It's awfully hot outside.


rigtenzin said…
Who is your pick for Sunday's final?
Tex69 said…
Gotta go with La Furia Roja. il Azurri looked awfully efficient in their general domination of a Germany team I thought was going to take it all. I've been impressed, more than anything, with Spain's defense. Maybe Xavi/Iniesta/Cesc tiki-taka is the best defense.

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