Bycke Nooz

I'm having a really hard time getting any content here on the blog, which I think accurately reflects my 2012. It's not been a bad year, at present closing in on 3000 miles. It's the simple reality that this year hasn't been replete with interesting rides- save the two mini-tours- that previous years have held. Far fewer gravel rides, centuries, long expeditions.  Really it's been a solid year of commutes, one to two-hour road rides, a few trails thrown in, and.....

The two tours, one in June and the other in August, have certainly been the apex of the cycling content, and I created adequate entries for those. Otherwise it's, well, sort of meh.

The big news in August has been a fiesta de bike sales. I sold the long-fallow Redline 925 to a young man headed off to college, a perfect union. I sold the Bleriot frame/fork/goodies to a nice guy named Bill. I haven't heard from him, but he got a nice bag of bones to work with. I took my Bleriot earnings and bought a used Sogn, which I thought was a rSogn as originally offered by the merchant. It turned out to be a red non-lowtrail Sogn, which created a bit of disappointment. Ergo, in my first few rides (a couple commutes and a 33m road ride) the Sogn has been nothing short of delightful. Full review to come, I guess. It's stable, soft, stout, comfy, and faster than the Bleriot was, or the LHT for that matter.

Again, I tend to be on my iPad upstairs next to the good wife, and I don't enjoy too much typing on the 'ol tablet, so there. Stories and reviews to come. Or not to come.


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