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I'm going to sell some stuff and didn't want to completely whore my normal blog out. What I'd love to do is liquidate this stuff- including my Surly Troll fram in a non-liquid kind of way- and rebuild a city LHT more or less as I had back in the day.

Very, very soon the following things will be for sale on the blog, Craig's List, and on the Surly and RBW forums/groups. If that doesn't work I'll throw them onto ebay, of which I have no experience selling. If that doesn't work, well, I guess I'll have to have a yardsale or stuff the stuff back into the back of the garage. 

Except for the Troll. I need that to sell.

  • Surly Troll 16"- used 3 months. Excellent condition.
  • Salsa Bell Lap handlebar
  • Nitto Rando handlebar
  • ITM handlebar
  • ControlTech stem (used in conjunction with ITM bar)
  • Nitto adjustable seatpost
  • Cannondale suspension seatpost


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