A few days ago I entertained a bit of bicycle consumption philosophy as to the ideal number of bicycles. I  began the 'Menage a 3' with the obvious shout-out to the Road Bike as the machine which begins the stable.

Tonight, after one hard-ass hour of road biking, sometimes in the drops even, I can say that every cyclist needs a kick-ass, lightweight road bike, one unencumbered of luggage, trinkets, shiny extras or racks. No trunk. No knobbies. No extra antlers. A road bike, pure and simple.
Baggins Bag not presently mounted, no no "luggage".

I should ride mine more.


Barturtle said…
Agreed. One bike in its purest form, devoid of utility, that allows man and machine to perform as a perfect pair to jointly experience the pure, distilled joy of cycling.

I'm very glad I built my Soma Smoothie.

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