Good Day

With all the yuck and sickness, I stand to celebrate a good day on the bike today, not an epic or intense day, but a good day spinning wheels with good company (in this case, Dave). Dressed right for mid-20s. Two great cups of coffee. Easy pace which kept things pleasant, relaxed, non-stressed. Quickbeam was perfect.



Pondero said…
Pleasant, relaxed, non-stressed, and kind of ride. "Quickbeam" and "perfect" are two words I use often together.
I'd like do more riding around Louisville. Sometime or another I will make it back up there for another one.
Tex69 said…
@KYPhilosopher, if you come up we need to do a better job hosting you. Last time the 89 flat tires cut our social time short.

We owe you.
Tex69 said…

I'm about to tweak the QB a bit. Gonna put on plastic fenders (I had bad luck with metal ones) and do some bag swapping so I can get even more use out of it.
No worries on the flats. It helped to make the cobblestone experience more realistic. As did the rain.

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