Nothing too amazing but just good steady miles. Saturday Asher, Dave and I met for coffee and then a West Loop swing. Asher and I had fun do some pickmeups along the route, but it was mostly casual. We pulled in to Quill's for a second cup and then continued along River Rd. Dave wasn't feeling it so turned towards the barn while Asher and I did a bit of climbing in Indian Hills, but not much more. It was about as nice as 25F can be.

Yesterday I took a turn with Patrick. He had to leave early due to family business. We met at the Indian Hills  Breadworks, I believe, a first for me. We fought a slight headwind down River Rd., one which had me panting a bit, before hitting the Covered Bridge/Sleepy Hollow loop. Slowly but surely the legs woke up and I found myself enjoying the scenery and my general fitness. That ride ended with a tailwind- finally- run down Westport.

In all, 82 miles over two days made for a well-used weekend. Good.


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