Slowly and steadily, progress is creeping in. The weight is down 12lbs from Thanksgiving. I've plateaued a bit; that's fine. The mileage is creeping up. That's really fine.

Yesterday Dave and I met for a morning of rolling, adding up to 43 miles by the end of the day. We visited Iroquois, Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park, Smokey Beans Coffee House in Old Louisville and a few hills to climb on the way home. It was great to take a wandering long day after a series of short "training rides".

Updated Rawland Sogn at Iroquois Park lookout, looking NE towards the 'Ville.

Sogn overlook the problematic Worlds Cyclocross course. There are geese back there if you look closely.

They're supposed to use this run up in a couple weeks. I'm a fan of the island.

This afternoon, though, things are busy and there is a family schedule to follow, so a "training" ride was in order, although I didn't push too much. A big teensF cold front is moving in, so I took advantage of the last of the almost warm-ish weather available, if 38F and windy is warm. Off and on I wondered whether I should stretch out for more miles or more tempo or more hills, but instead I told myself, "Heck No!". It was a nice one hour 

I hope you got out too.


That Sogn is awesome looking. You got me thinking about doing something similar to my old mountain bike. How does it ride?
Tex69 said…
@KYPh, I'm very pleased so far with the Sogn. It's 650b and I often ride 35cm, but I was glad to find the fat rubber (around 54cm or or so). Later Sogns are a bit more like brevet-ish lightweight all-rounders, but this one is an original big boy. Gravel, touring and commuting are all in its realm. So far, so good.

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