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And to me, yes, that kind of pleasure, of the two-wheel rolling kind. Rivendell Bicycle Works has informed my cycling now for these past 10 years or so, no, make that 17, if you count the Bridgestone RB-1 purchased used in the mid-'90s. My "RBW-ish-ness" ebbs and flows. I sold the Bleriot to fund the Rawland b/c I perceived the Bleriot TT to be a bit short; I'm pleased with the decision. The QB is still the most balanced, centered bicycle I own. At one point recently I considered selling it but then rode it a few times. No, no way. Not selling it. This RBW video comes from their website. After watching- giiven I/Grant's record of  philosophical grousings- I like the organization more, not less. They seem humble, enthusiastic or passionate, and generally interested in doing what they do well. My fancy bike is an awesome ride, but I have a feeling an Atlantis would be the "bike to rule them all".


 Bike experiences of a different iteration. This is a great vid- So Far to Go- of two guys doing the Great Divide, I assume, on some kind of Salsa products. No race. No reward. No prizes. Just two guys doing the Divide. I'm not really sure the Divide is on my bucket list; actually I don't camp all that well. This, though, is inspirational.



Big Oak said…
Thanks for finding and posting the videos. I really liked the Rivendell video - although I'm not in the market for a new bike, I would consider a Rivendell, especially after watching the video.

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