Bike Walk

Busy, busy, busy, but yesterday I had a quick match (girls won 60-3 total games!) and in lieu of disappearing on the couch for the post-work swoon I jumped on SeaFoam to get some vitamin D and endorphins.  The 65F sun helped enormously as well. Not feeling aggro or even sprightly, I did the BeargrassTrail/Frankfort/Cyclocross park out-n-back mostly to try out some new binoculars I recently purchased- Zhumell 10x42 Short Barrel Waterproof Binoculars- along the cyclocross park bridge where I had previously seen kingfishers, herons and other. Yesterday's bird bounty wasn't so opulent with a cardinal, some mallards, and a family of swifts under the River Rd. bridge.

Mellow, relaxing, invigorating and damn pleasant. More, please.


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