Last Day

Students last day. I took advantage and did the big loop home. It felt great running out of gas around mile 25 in the afternoon, but I switched up a cog and moseyed home.

Here are a couple inconsequential images of a fine couple hours rolling along in the incipient Ohio Valley heat and humidity. Tiredness feels good. 90minute afterwards on the "patio" feels good. End of '12-'13 feels good. Sogn feels good. Upcoming Seafoam touring plans feel good. 


Always loved this building with its tile roof and arched symmetrical courtyard. It's seen better days, as has the neighborhood, but I can imagine it in it's heyday, however fictitious that may be.
Riverwalk off Shawnee Park

(Birds of note: blue indigo- I'm pretty sure, this morning, in Creason brown-headed cowbird great blue heron kingfisher- both at Caperton Swamp mockingbirds! mallards along river swallows at EvaBandman)


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