I'm trying to start the summer positively but the last couple days have been near rotten. Sunday I can barely remember except that I paid the price for spending Saturday eating junk food and drinking beer. It was a beaut of a day and I wasted it. Yesterday, Monday, I spent the morning catching up on some year-end at work and then hit this dead period in the afternoon where I couldn't, or didn't, do anything productive whatsoever while waiting for a child to get out of camp. To remedy my perturbedness, after pick-up I went out on SeaFoam and rolled some miles, but to my detriment, at some point I had a nasty Afib episode and really had to back off the jets. I came home and took a pill hoping it would cease but I sit here 12 hours later and it's still flopping a bit. Combined with the weight gain of tennis season and an absurd diet, it's time to clean things up for summer. Stay positive! (while being pretty damn negative).

Not bad

Looks like something exotic or very rural; instead it's a service road down at Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park

Where's Waldo? One of these chaps it our eldest, EMS. He's blond. (Figure AMidnightRider would appreciate this.)

Don't know why, but g+ picked up some old West Coast pics. This is of a garden in Portland unless I'm mistaken.

And the comely Columbia gorge.


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