Sloughing off yesterday's sloth. Hit the coffee shop. Kleen Kanteen in hand. Early morning mist sunbeams no phone pic can convey. Stops along the way. QB so sure-footed. Essence of spinning pedals.

Leaves of Three, let them Ugh! My long-legged friends are gone, so we have to find the little critters in the bushes instead. Knee-high weed path, where does it lead? Abandoned. Carolina Chickadee party! QB, still sure-footed. Big trucks zoom by, but leave room. Thanks.

Mystery girl on her own two-wheeled ramble. Re-enter the streets. Keep a step ahead of the geezers. There He is, Ol' Blue. Make pace up golf course hill. QB descends like no other. Roll in. Look for bird pics.

**In lieu of making a long bird list, I made mini-lists at some of my viewing spots. The only two non-IDS- and by that I mean I see the Damn Bird but still can't figure it out- are a brown fuzzball, almost robin-sized, and little grey/light grey birds in the bushes.


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