The forecast was for low 60s and I needed to get out for a #microadventure, so after a great grill out with the fam I hustled my gear and headed out on Seafoam somewhere around 10.00pm. Again I used my stealth spot not far from the house (3 miles). Rather close to the site I turned off my dyno and rear light to get into "stealth" mode. Not 25yds down the road I was passed by a police car who fortunately didn't stop me in my moment of lawlessness. Diving into my spot, I quickly set up, this time both bug spray and a mosquito head net.

Having had a bit of grape drank with our grill, I passed out rather quickly, hoping for a solid wake-up time where I could make some camp brew and generally chill in the fresh low temps. Instead, right around 3.43am (I looked at my watch), I bolted awake to the clamor of what sounds like a plastic trash can catapulted down a concrete driveway. It was neither motorized nor animal nor glass nor any other kind of sound I could identify. The problem was that I was *wide* awake at 3.44a.m. I settled down and tried to get back to sleep, but to no avail.

I eventually pulled up shop, feeling like a boy scout scampering back to the house for fear of bump in the night. That said, crazy sounds while illegally camping out in a public place make for reticence or caution. I ambled home on Seafoam and got in my normal bed and slept another several hours. I wouldn't call it a memorable #microadventure, but one worth the effort.


Pondero said…
Practice session. Maybe more fun than intervals.

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