Upcoming...cSogn 2.0

My Rawland 1.0 was the original build (received from seller) with the WTB DirtDrops and a Carradice. Rawland 1.1 was the same basic roll with an added rear rack and Noodles (best ever, those bars), along with requisite fat fenders.  I've decided to undertake another touring option, this the cSogn in mixed-terrain/all-terrain mode with the Jones Loop bar, a piece of gear that is now on its 3rd mount in my home. I'm keeping the racks but will also be moving to 2.25 27.5/650b RacingRalphs for plenty o' cush and some gription for the dirty stuff.  Without the tires and full baggage I won't call this the Full Reveal, but on a 15-miler, the Jones Bars were pretty damn awesome. Due to the long head tube the bike sits way up, but I'll be using it for dirt touring and later for commuting, so I like the upright posture. It felt great, but, then again, so did the Troll under loaded. Tires, then weight. *Then* proof will be in pudding...or not.

Black-crowned Night Heron in all its cell phone glory along Beargrass Creek Trail. Earlier in the week is was Ol' Blue, the GBH. They seem to trade off.


Apertome said…
I'm confused. This is the same frame as before, right, in a new configuration? The first time I read your post I thought you had gotten a new Sogn frame of some kind. I can't keep the Sogns straight.
Tim Smith said…
This would be iterarions, with the 1 series road bike in nature and the 2 series more off-road ready. Same canti Sogn. I believe I have the first, then dSogn with disc and then Dave's rSogn in the new color and trail.

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