DBNF/LagoLinda 2013

PJ and I are returning to the scene of our bicycle crime last year, the shortened DanielBooneNat'lForest tour of last summer. A fine time was had by all, but a mech caused us to cut things short and leave both of us unsatisfied.

This time we're intentionally keeping things a little more under control, hopefully to allow for enjoyable cycling that won't kill us. Although looking at the profile below makes me want to vomit a bit.

Day 1- Friday- We leave the car at Natural Bridge and retrace the Fixer Rd. route of last year, choosing a shortish day to acclimate and enjoy. Let's hope for super-clear skies.

Day 2- Saturday- We plan to leave the gear at the campsite and do a day ride out of Lago Linda in the 40-50 mile range. PJ would like to take a look at TurkeyFoot campground and I would like to tour as much offroad as possible. A "not road" is in the plan.

Day 3- Sunday We return via an alternate route, bombing down the 52 descent we enjoyed so much last year, and then hitting unknown roads north via 1036- they *might* be paved; they might not. Or we might return via the Fixer area to explore more gravel. Options.

The routes will be formidable but the distance within reach. And both PJ and I were pleased with our rigs on our off-roading, so 3 days of touring and mixed-terrain will give great opportunities to test the Sogn and Fargo respectively.

More to come.


It's all in the planning. We sometimes commit to riding too many miles a day when we are sitting comfortably in front of our PC mapping our routes.

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