Om Nashi Me!

Very odd. Since the BiketoBeatCancer I've been a slug. Don't know why. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and felt both proud to have participated with Drew and Matt, and motivated to build on the creeping fitness. Instead the last two weeks have been *splat*!

Here we are. I'm the handsome, fit guy on the right. The fat guy over there is Matt35, so named because he could only muster himself to do the 35 and not the 72 Drew and I ended up doing. Drew is in the middle. Great guy. Game rider who had legs on the ride day. Strange that Matt ended up standing next to my Atlantis and not his '80s Schwinn touring bike. The Atlantis however dainty and fine ended up not being the right choice. The pace was windy and peppy, and the touring bike just didn't quite do the trick. I'm still a bit edgy about Seafoam's setup at the moment. You want to sit astride such a glorious mount and say, "Yes!". And right now, Seafoam is not quite there. Seat angle, seat height, reach, bar width, sore back. Not quite there.

All the whining aside, it was a great day and I may post some more pics, but these two guys *ROCK* and I'm really satisfied how it all went down. A BIG thanks to Chris and David for supporting the effort. It's small (and for some, even a bit contentious), but sure as Hell better than sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Peace out and Rock On, Team Om Nashi Me!


Pondero said…
Well done. Thanks for helping people.
I took my touring bike on the last few rides. It's slower than the road bikes but on the hills the touring bike rocks. Slowly but it rocks.

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