It's that time of the year when things are busy, meaning any time of the year that isn't high summer. The boys are back in school with the requisite soccer, band, work (yeah!!! the elder has a JOB!), my own stuff, yada yada.

I've actually had a couple decent rides of late, doing 50 last Saturday with (An)Drew and Matt in preparation for tomorrow's BiketoBeatCancer. I'm honored and thankful for the folks who were able to support me and honored and thankful to be able to support Drew in his post-cancer life. We did a spirited ride in the general area of the BtBC course and everyone felt tired-but-good at the end. I forget how punchy that area of Jeff, Oldham, Shelby is.  The previous weekend Dave and I did an equally spirited (near) metric out to Charlestown and back. That was a *fine* ride.

This previous Sunday Dave and I rode out to the Parklands to take a look at the new section that opened just a few weeks ago. Regardless of some of my previous complaints (mostly dealing with lack of connectivity), we enjoyed the varied terrains that the new section offered. Two of the four sections are in, with the third being the mtbike area. The pics below mostly feature the newer portions.  It was a good day. Thanks Dave

We decided to explore what will be part of the Louisville Loop past the fenced area. This section already has a gravel base, ready for paving.

The more scenic, rustic portion of the eventually Loop.

I like grassy fields, in this case one over Dave's head.

A cool gravelly offshoot that later fed to crushed gravel portions, a nice area.

Up the hill

Park of "Coppiced Wood" path, about a 2mile run up and down a hill. Fun, to be quite honest.

Exiting trail, Dave being sporty.

Kayakers along Floyds Fork Creek, which The Parklands follows. I hate the subdivision name, The Parklands at Floyds Fork.

Fun little section which cuts directly across a soybean field.


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