Coffeeneuring #5

Controle #5
2/11/13 Saturday
3 miles
Red Hot Roasters at the DouglassBlvdCC 'Douglass Loop Farmer's Market'

So this is a weird little in-between coffee experience, an outdoor experience a la #2 but not brewed on my own efforts like a bikecamping experience. Now I have a problem, though, as I was going to use a #2 "outdoor" card tomorrow on our gravel ride, but it seems like I might have to burn a #2 for today's farmer's market experience, my coffee-without-walls. (NO, I am stating "NO". See below)  I began the a.m. with my ride up to BW where I spent 2 hours drinking coffee and grading papers, an activity which seems to have dropped off my "to do" list from last week.

Having had a successful, productive coffee experience #1, I needed to procure mas cafe in order to fulfill a required control (having burned the BW match), so in lieu of having some shitty, local Heine Bros, I meandered (on the Ute) over to the Douglass FM where I became, in my wife's words, a social butterfly. I had a good talk to a former colleague who has moved on, then to a current student working a stand, then to some church members whom I enjoy but whom I rarely see now that I very rarely go to church, and somewhere in there a former colleague who was the tennis coach before I. He's been an unabashed hippy for a long time and has his own stand. Amid this butterfly flight I bought a cup of Red Hot Roasters, which is known locally more for bulk coffee by the pound instead of at a brick-n-mortar, although they do have a store down on Lexington Rd of some sort.  It was a cup of basic, ol' black joe with a splash of cream. I even carried it with me as I rode away on the Ute, taking it the long, flat 2-mile swing home.

I don't know what coffeeneuring man is going to say, but this is control #5 and I have to count it as a visit to RedHotRoasters, because the other option was to buy a shitty cup of Heine's, which is ubiquitous in the 'Ville but basically tastes like dirty motor oil. I would have to believe coffeeneuring man would respect my plight, buying some real coffee even though it was sort of "outdoors" in lieu of wasting $$ on dirty motor oil. I'll be outside tomorrow, with no walls, plenty of vitaminG, and Fall foilage.


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