Coffeeneuring #6

Control #6
45 miles of mixed-terrain
coffee, black

My Coffeeneuring Challenge in nearing its close, and today Asher and I added a coffee stop with the "Shop without Walls" with an excellent cup o' joe along the Patoka River in the PatokaRiverNWR during our 45-mile mixed-terrain ride today. It was perfectly place along the northern boundry of the ride, the sun shining along the banks provided a welcome respite for our tough, satisfying route up to that point. Prior to the ride we met at Sunergos where I purchased a nice, hot Kleen Kanteen thermos of regular, black coffee which I carried with me for those 30 bumpy, hilly miles. We sat by the bank and shared a thermos and rested the legs a bit while having a snack.

As to rules, fug 'em. We had coffee. We used the bike to reach said coffee. It was great.


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