Flat Biking

Someone excessively hydrated and didn't answer the bell this morning, so I set about my Sunday Ramble solo on the Mukluk. After a parks trail ride last time (with wacky squeaky brake), this time would be a true ramble to find some of the nooks and crannies I've visited before and hopefully some new ones too. I settled on 20lbs for the tires as a mix between trail and road conditions, but pretty early backed them back down to what I would assume was in the mid-teens range.

My path took me through some new parts of Seneca Park and then down to Caperton Swamp where the birding was slim, but I did find a deer path to explore. From there I took the "old road" behind Thurman-Hutchins Park for some perfect fat biking. I then made my way more or less along I-71 towards Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park.

Under I-71 back along some gravel service roads I again found the old railroad bridge I had crossed one other time. It seemed less grown up and easier to find; perhaps the bums or miscreant youths need a clearer way to their backwoods. After a few little loops around the 'cross course I stopped along the Butchertown Greenway near the 'cross course and spied all kinds of birds, some of them new. Too bad I had no glass. My path then led to some law breaking and up to the future site of Botanica, a new garden (check out this map. I rolled from bottom right to top left). The bright red signs strongly suggested I not visit. Although I had a fun pedal through the paths, I think somewhere in there I should have heeded their warning.

Sort of surprisingly somewhere along the waterfront on a turn from one street to another I felt handling that was different than previous. I handchecked both tires and they seemed alright, but the next check presented a much squishier front than back. Oh crap! At some point along B'town I threw out the idea of Quills coffee stop b/c I seemed to be getting squishier and squishier with each pedal stroke. I was even getting some looks from the peanut gallery. Were they just impressed with the fatness (of the tires) or were they even more impressed at home damned flat the front was while still being able to maintain a safe line? At some point I surveyed the culprit, seen below.  I'm pretty sure somewhere in the Botanica sight. Looks like fatties are not immune from the vagaries of Mr. Thorn.

St.Joseph Catholic Church spires in Butchertown in Botanica area

I'm sure some of my readers are amused, maybe even talking a little pride in themselves. Haters gonna hate. Sr.Tex has a new toy and now he can't ride it! Ja ja ja!

I haven't really considered patching it quite yet. Seems like a bit of a daunting task- all that air to move- but those are the breaks.  It was a really nice ride up until the uber-squish.



David Crowell said…
I wish I had felt well enough to join you. It looks like a good ride, and the weather was nice.

I was stupid last night. Too much consumption.

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