I couldn't be much more pleased about the afternoon commute yesterday. Yes, I wish I had had better legs and that I could've maintained the pace more, but it was a satisfying day none-the-less. Dave met me near my school and we headed for some afternoon mileage. With the balmy temps (60F or so), we wanted to take advantage of the nice afternoon. I've been dealing with car trouble, so I found out late that I had to be at the shop before 6.00, so our 45 became a 30 became a 17, but what was great was that all along our route, Dave was hammering. We were both on our respective Sogns, he on the low-trail pretty blue rSogn, I on the neutral orange/red cSogn set up for commuting. What I am saying is equal machines, and he just sat there and hammered along. We averaged a nice 15mph for the first hour, lights included and such. I did what I could to hang on and was thankful for the breathers at stoplights. He never seemed labored.

Eventually as we approached downtown, the road furniture and such slowed us, and during the last leg up and through the Highlands I slowed considerably, bringing us from a 15avg to closer to 13. No, I'm not pleased that I didn't quite have it, but it's great to see someone with whom you ride, a lot, just effortlessly cranking it out. Some day that'll be me, or you.


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